What do we do here?

Research in the lab addresses a diversity of fundamental questions in plant ecology. We take a broad approach to research, with interest in plant behavioural ecology, competition, plant-pollinator interactions, insect and mammalian herbivory, evolutionary and functional ecology, climate change, and mychorrhizae.  Here is a word cloud designed from the words in the abstracts of papers the lab has published:

Interested in joining the lab?

My lab is a dynamic environment in which students are given the opportunity to explore personal interests, while also expected to contribute to a positive lab culture.  Students regularly collaborate on research projects external to their theses/main research areas, and have the opportunity to learn a diversity of ideas and techniques.  My personal philosophy is to bring smart people into the lab, help them a bit, but mostly try to stay out of their way.  If you are independent, ambitious, and have (or are likely to secure) external funding, Interested?  Read more here.